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Welcome to my website.

Among other things, I write historical and paranormal romance. My stories are a little dark and edgy, yet laced with a subtle thread of humor throughout. My historicals have been termed “outside-the-box” because they deal with unusual settings and times. My paranormals aren’t what I call “woo-woo” (sorry, no vampires or fairies here); instead, they deal with complex people suddenly grappling with a situation that is outside their normal experience—how do they react? How would any of us react?

My heroes are protectors, and my heroines are survivors. My heroes want to take care of their women, but my heroines are used to taking care of themselves. They're both tough, yet willing to risk everything for love. The excitement and tension in their relationships come from learning to give up some of that control.

Come join me in a world where relationships stand the test of time, surviving despite the dangers my heroes and heroines find themselves in. When love compels them to make sacrifices for one another and they finally connect, we will believe they belong together—forever—and so will they ... although they may need convincing now and then!

Feel free to browse the site and enjoy. I hope you’ll learn to love my heroes and heroines as much as I do.




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